Southwest Airlines Pets

Bringing your pet on a plane is not an easy task. Even though some airlines put some serious effort into giving the best service when it comes to your four-legged friends, it is very difficult to travel with them due to the fact that you have to be extremely careful with it. In addition to the difficult task, Southwest airlines pets service will be boosting its fee. It will go from $75 up to $95 and it will begin with the flights of January 15th.

The airline is famous for letting passengers bring their pets with just one condition: they need to be vaccinated. If the pet fits in a carrier which will go under the airline seat, it can come with you. And there is a limit of six pets companions per person per flight.  

Even though Southwest Airlines raised the pets feed, it is still one of the companies which charges the less amount of money for this service. Other U.S. Airlines such as American, US Airways or Delta charges $124,99 for each way. On another hand, Jetblue and Alaska charge $100 for pet service. 


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